The Volleyball Side Out: Episode 3

Special thanks to head coach Jason Langevin for providing this volleyball update!

The Volleyball Side Out

The end of the season came quickly this year. It seems like the team just met for the opening meeting a couple of days ago and here we are six weeks later with our season complete.

Immanuel Lutheran—Thursday, Oct. 10

JV took the court first and were ready to play after having two weeks between matches. We were cold to start the match giving up some easy points, but we kept battling. We gave up an early run of seven points and then another run of five points. For most of the first set, Immanuel Lutheran had a six-point cushion that was hard to break and we eventually lost 25—17.

We turned things around in the second set. We served and played well throughout the entirety of the set taking every chance to extend a small lead as the set moved forward. Serving was really a bright spot in this set - each player was able to score three points on each rotation and we never let Immanuel Lutheran get any rhythm. We pulled out the 25—18 victory forcing a deciding third set.

Set three was just the opposite of the second set for us. The areas that worked for us before were our trouble spots in this set. We had one server make more than one serve in this set as Immanuel Lutheran was able to get a side out each time we served. This led to a very quick 15—8 loss.

It was now the varsity’s chance to step onto the floor and show their dominance. We took an early one-point lead and extended it to four midway through the set but we could not put Immanuel Lutheran away. We played well but small mistakes let Immanuel Lutheran keep it close and bring the match to a one-point 23—22 lead for us before we finished off the set with two straight points.

Set two was much better all-around for us. We took an early 4—1 lead and kept extending it until we had a 15—6 lead. We continued to play well with some great work at the net and defensive passing, but Immanuel was able to find some holes in our armor to close the gap to 19—15. We put the pressure back on them with solid passing that led to the ability for us to run our offense which was just too good in set two for Immanuel Lutheran to stop. We finished off the second set with some impressive hits for a 25—17 win.

The third set can be summed up simply as the Emma Politoski ‘21 serving show. After Immanuel Lutheran took a 6—2 lead, we got a side out and Emma went back to serve, and she didn’t stop until we had a 14—6 lead. The ten-serve streak included eight ace serves. We never looked back after this but still had to work to finish off the set and match. We had some amazing defensive saves and continued outstanding net play which cumulated in the 25—17 win.

Season Summary

The JV team was a great group to work with this year. They each brought enthusiasm to each practice and they became a team quickly. The team worked hard and learned from each other during practice and brought what they learned to the court on game days. This team encouraged each other during every point of the year and I look forward to seeing what next year will bring for them. JV record was 1—2.

Varsity—There were many returners from last year on the team and this helped throughout the course of the season. They worked well as a team and encouraged each other to become better players. The minimal team practice time was difficult to deal with, but they always came together on game day. I look forward to what the future has for this group. Varsity record was 5—2 including tournament play.