The Shattuck-St. Mary’s Sports Medicine Difference

What makes SSM Sports Medicine so special? Read more!

At Shattuck-St. Mary’s, our student-athletes are kept in the game, thanks to a top tier sports medicine program. We have four full-time certified athletic trainers on staff and a well-appointed athletic training room, complete with many modalities usually only found in college and professional athletics.

Our athletic trainers help keep our athletes ready for high-level competition by treating and preventing injuries. We also help coordinate the strength and conditioning programs for our athletes to make sure they are properly prepared for their respective sports. Through our knowledge of injury prevention, we provide sport-specific programming to decrease the likelihood of injuries for our athletes.

In the event that an athlete does get injured, our athletic trainers are educated in everything from the emergency response when the injury occurs, all the way through the rehabilitation process that gets the athlete back to their respective sport as soon as possible. In addition to creating programs of rehabilitative exercise for our athletes, we also have a variety of therapeutic modalities to aid in the healing process.

Our athletic training room is complete with modalities such as E-stim, therapeutic ultrasound, Normatec™, GameReady™, and a variety of others. We also have a hydrotherapy room, which is quite unique in the secondary school setting. The hydrotherapy room includes a cold whirlpool for recovery, as well as a warm therapy pool with underwater treadmill and HydroWorx™ resistance therapy jets.

In a typical public school setting when an athlete gets injured, they will likely have to see a doctor and then get sent to physical therapy. While we do have great relationships with local doctors and physical therapists, our athletic trainers can save athletes from a lot of unnecessary medical costs. Our athletic trainers are highly trained professionals and are able to assess and treat injuries. With the facilities we have at SSM, we have the ability to take athletes through rehabilitation programs, eliminating the need for outside physical therapy visits. Since we run our sports schedules more like that of a college, we are able to see our athletes multiple times a day and get them the best treatment and rehabilitation possible. This model is different than most secondary school settings, in which the teams practice before or after school, and there are usually only one or two athletic trainers available to provide care to all the athletes.

While we do spend a lot of time working on injury treatment and prevention, our athletes also utilize the athletic training room to prepare for practices and games. Every day, athletes come in and do their own self-care to prepare for competition such as foam rolling, stretching, heating, etc. We also are available to assist the athletes as needed. We relish the opportunity to teach our athletes about proper preparation for competing in their sport and are happy to assist them in any way we can.

At Shattuck-St. Mary’s, we strive to be the best pre-collegiate sports medicine program in the country and provide our athletes with the best care possible. Follow along with us on our blog as we take you through life in SSM Sports Medicine.  

by Caroline Lounsbury, MAT, ATC