Tom Ward Rink

Constructed: 2012
Dimensions: 85' x 95 

The Tom Ward Rink is 85' x 95', about half the size of a normal rink, and is used by SSM hockey players and figure skaters to work on their skill set in a smaller environment. The smaller rink is the perfect place for skaters to work on their fundamentals. In addition, it is a great training ground for goalies to work in a close space alongside Coach Des Christopher.  

The rink is also open to youth hockey players in Faribault in order to develop younger players. For smaller skaters who don't need a lot of space, Tom Ward Rink gives them quality ice time to work on their game. The rink has four radius corners, meaning goals can be placed along all four walls. There is no checking allowed in the rink, and its smaller confines give players, both youth and high school, more touches on the puck.